How to install NetSee VPN on iPhone


   NetSee VPN should work on iOS devices using L2TP VPN protocols.
   This tutorial will explain setup procedure for iOS 12.

Step 1/5

   Go to "Settings" app on your iOS device and select "General" option:

Step 2/5

   Choose "VPN" option located near to bottom:

Step 3/5

   Select "Add VPN Configuration" to start define your new connection.

Step 4/5

   On the new screen, add setup your VPN connection using details provided bellow:

  • Type: L2TP
  • Description: Use any name you like. usually, this should be the name for used location
  • Server: IP address for used location.
    You can find all assigned location/IPs in Servers Page available into your account ("Available L2TP Servers" table).
  • Account: Enter your VPN username.
  • RSA SecurID: Must remain disabled.
  • Password: Enter your VPN password in this box.
  • Secret: Add "netsee" string in lowercase with no spaces.
  • Send All Traffic: Must remain enabled.

   When all details are correctly completed, click on "Done" link located on top of the screen.

Step 5/5

   At this point, your first NetSee VPN connection is configured on your iOS device. You can start connection using "Status" toggle button. Use the same button to disconnect.

Additional info

   After first defined VPN connection, a new "VPN" option will appear directly in your "Settings" application. You can use that option as shortcut to manage your VPN Connections.

   VPN connections can be deleted from your iOS devices using options available in VPN connections list screen.